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Details can be found below and via links. All positions are located in the PERSEE center of MINES Paris PSL, located in Sophia Antipolis in the South of France. Being located in Paris might be a possible option too to be discussed depending on the project/position.

In my research group

Postdoc position on multi-energy system planing

This post-doc position is proposed in the frame of a 4 years collaborative national research project PlaneTerr with French compagnies RTE, GRTGaz, AirLiquide and TotalEnergies. The aim is to contribute to the developpement of open source models for the decarbonation of multi-energy systems. Depending on the candidate, the mission will be to coordinate one or several research actions among that of the project, in collaboration with industrial partners : on multi-energy system planning, demand modeling (industry decarbonation, electric vehicle, building, …), renewable production modeling, DSO-TSO coordination, CO2 circular economy infrastructures,… Among others, the post-doc will contribute to the coordination of the academic contributions of MINES Paris that will be carried out by our team that will include four PhD students

The candidate will also be involved in the supervision of some of the PhDs. He will join a very active research group in the field of decarbonization modeling. The position will be full-time for one to three years and will be located in the PERSEE center of MINES Paris PSL, located in Sophia Antipolis in the South of France. Being located in Paris might be a possible option too. Net salary : around 2500 € /month.

PhD position - Coupling of Smart Grids Between Transmission and Distribution Networks

The energy transition will bring new challenges and opportunities for the planning and operation of the electrical system at various scales: in both the transmission and distribution networks. The development of electric vehicles, decentralized variable renewable energies, and heat pumps will significantly alter power flows in networks (low, medium, and high voltage) and supply-demand balances in France or Europe. Simultaneously, the flexibilities associated with the deployment of these new technologies are numerous and dispersed throughout the distribution network at various scales, including battery storage, the down-regulation of renewable production (“curtailment”), the management of electric vehicle charging (“G2V” or “V2G”), the deployment of hybrid heat pumps, or the generalization of heating networks.

In some scenarios, leveraging these flexibilities to balance supply and demand on a national or continental scale within the electricity transmission network could negatively impact distribution network planning and operation. Depending on decisions by network managers and flexibility operators, this might result in technical limitations or increased overall costs due to necessary network reinforcements. However, the effect on the economically and technically viable flexibility potential has not been quantified. The thesis aims to quantify this impact and propose methods to incorporate these constraints into the simulation of flexibility usage in services they provide to the transmission net

This thesis builds on prior research at the PERSEE center, focusing on three main areas: demand modeling and associated flexibility, electricity distribution network modeling and optimization, and studies on centralized electricity systems and multi-energy systems, including findings from the PlaneTerr project. It leverages the Raccoflex project’s developments, such as representative network models, load modeling, and distribution network optimization methods.

In this thesis, we will assess the benefits of various management strategies for an electric vehicle fleet within a centralized system, considering distribution network constraints. The modeling efforts aim to simulate constraints faced by each stakeholder and their chosen flexibility management methods. This project involves supervision by Robin Girard, Panagiotis Andrianesis and Yassine Abdelouadoud, academically, with industrial partners from the PlaneTerr project, including RTE and TotalEnergies. The student will be based at the PERSEE center in Sophia Antipolis, although a Paris location may be considered. Please send your CV at robin.girard@minesparis.psl.eu

PhD position - Integrating CO2 resources into territorial energy planning.

In industry decarbonization, CO2 capture for reuse or storage plays a crucial role, such as in producing e-fuels, e-plastics REF Zenon, or decarbonizing cement. It also contributes to system hybridization, exemplified by low-carbon hydrogen production Jodry2023. However, the necessary infrastructure for CO2 transport, temporary or permanent storage, and reuse is often overlooked in prospective modeling works. This thesis aims to address this gap by integrating CO2 infrastructure into the multi-energy decarbonization planning of an industrial region, enabling economic and environmental evaluation, including CO2 capture, investment description, and potential financing challenges.

This thesis aims to create a methodological framework for optimized multi-resource planning of integrated energy systems, including CO2 capture, transport, reuse, and storage infrastructure. It builds on the SPHYDERS open-source model developed from Jodry2023 and links with ongoing industrial decarbonization research pursued at the PERSEE center These Thibaut and These Quentin. Conducted within the PlaneTerr project alongside energy industry partners, this framework seeks to develop low-carbon energy transition strategies for industrial territories, considering complex interactions between energy production, use, and CO2 management, and assesses CO2 capture and valorization benefits for greenhouse gas emission reduction goals.

This thesis will be supervised by Pedro Affonsso Nobrega and Robin Girard, with the student based at the PERSEE center in Sophia Antipolis, although a Paris location may be considered. Please send your CV at robin.girard@minesparis.psl.eu