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Positions and responsabilities

Full Professor (Directeur de Recherche) at MINES Paris PSL

since 2023

Energy and processes department PERSEE Center: Center for Processes, Renewables Energies and Energy Systems ERSEI group 10 PhD students already defended under my supervision or co-supervision, 9 on-going PhD under my direction, 4 ongoing postdocs under my direction (see below ).

Head of Science at Zenon

since 2023

Zenon is the french Climate Tech think tank.

Research topics - Energy transition modeling.

  • Energy demand modeling - Temporal and spatial demand modeling, building retrofits at the territory scale, evolution of heating, low carbon industry, role of hydrogen.
  • Planing and operation of multi-energy systems - Electric network planing (transport/distribution), hydrogen production systems planing, multi-energy systems.
  • Integration of Renewables - Short terme forecasting of renewable production, price and demand. Land use and energy. Optimal mix of flexibility.
  • Energy markets - Market price dynamic modeling. Regulation and actor modeling.

Teaching activities

Current students (Postdoc and PhD students)

Yassine Abdelouadoud - Postdoc -

2 years starting October 2022

Modeling of the electric distribution system and its evolution in the energy transition context. Impact of electrification of heating and transport, and of renewable electricity production. Value of flexibility in low voltage network. Postdoc funded by Roseau Technologie and french government.

Julie Perrin - Postdoc -

2 years starting February 2023

Joined coordination with Daniel Florentin. From political targets to deployment of thermal retrofit, identification of institutional limits to thermal retrofits. Postdoc funded by TTI.5 .

Anaelle Jodry - Postdoc-

Since November 2023 -

Hydrogen deployment trajectories in energy hub. PhD partially funded by Air liquide.

Martin Rit - PhD student -

Since February 2021

Evaluation of thermal retrofit potential at the territory scale in the context of the energy transition. PhD funded by CSTB.

Quentin Raillard-Cazanove - PhD student -

Since November 2021

Modeling of industry decarbonation and its impact on the electric system. Funded by Institut Carnot MINES.

Owen Palmer - PhD student -

Since May 2022

Optimisation of decision making for PV+hydrogen+storage projects. CIFRE PhD funded by Verso Energy.

Maxime Vrain - PhD student -

Since October 2022

Vectors coupling in the 2050 european energy system. CIFRE PhD funded by french TSO RTE.

Thibault Goessel - PhD student -

Since November 2022

LCA of building renovation toward carbon neutrality. PhD funded by CSTB.

Laurent Cornaggia - PhD student -

Since January 2023

Optimisation of medium voltage DC connection architechtures. CIFRE PhD funded by french TSO RTE.

Thibaut Knibiehly - PhD student -

Since June 2023

Planning of multi-energy system. PhD funded by the PlaneTerr project, in collaboration with several french energy system compagnies.

Hugo Hamburger - PhD student -

Since September 2023

Coupling optimisation methodology for energy system planning. PhD funded by the PlaneTerr project, in collaboration with several french energy system compagnies.

Available or upcomming positions.

Postdoc, PhD, Internship.

See the full list here. , but feel free to apply continuously


You can access my full list of already published papers here, or visit my google scholar, or my scopus.

Some of our upcomming papers (submitted or in preparation) are listed below:

  • An open dataset for modeling tertiary sector electric consumption dynamic -Published in Nature Scientific data- 2023- .
  • Kevin Bellinguer, Robin Girard, Antoine Chevalier, Alexis Boquet.
  • A conditioned and regularized approach for large-scale intraday forecasting of wind power.
  • Simon Camal, Robin Girard, Maxime Fortin, Augustin Touron, Laurent Dubus.
  • Calibration method for an open source model to simulate building energy at territorial scale -Published-June 2023- ,
  • Rit Martin, Villot Jonathan, Thorel Mathieu, Seddik Abdelouadoud, Girard Robin.
  • Comparing the relative impacts of investment constraints and temporal detail on capacity expansion model outcomes. -Published in Energy-January 2024- ,
  • Thomas Heggarty, Jean-Yves Bourmaud, Robin Girard, Georges Kariniotakis.
  • Optimisation of hydrogen production systems deployement at the scale of a territory -Published in Journal of Cleaner Production- Sept 2023 - .
  • Anaëlle Jodry, Robin Girard, Pedro Affonso Nobrega, Robin Molinier, Moulay-Driss Elalaouifaris.
  • Techno-economic evaluation and resource assessment of hydrogen production through offshore wind farms- A European perspective - Published in Journal of Sustainable Energy Review - Sept 2023 - .
  • Antoine Rogeau, Matthieu de Coatpont, Guillaume Erbs, Pedro Affonso Nobrega, Robin Girard